A alternative space for everyone !

‘Tic Tac Art Centre’ is an alternative Art Centre in Brussels. It is the new place in the heart of Europe where different arts like dance, painting, costume designing and other visual arts come together and coexist under the same roof.

Located in the center of the city, well communicated by the main train station, metro and buses, David Zambrano and Mat Voorter decide to open an emerging space full of art and inspiration, the place to meet other artists in different disciplines to share and create. Moreover, it is going to be the main scene where Zambrano continues sharing his pedagogic and artistic work, and he will do it from 2019 until 2028. After more than 30 years travelling the world with his work, Zambrano will have TicTac Art Centre as his home.

The transmission of creative methods for performing and visual arts will be the main focus. For that reason, TicTac is being made up of different areas fully equipped for all types of needs along three different floors including a basement, and a gallery.

The ground floor is destined for dance and visual arts. Holding a light-filled studio of 300m² of dance floor without columns, dressing room, showers and toilets. Next to the studio there is a video projection room destined to ‘movie days’ to create another community bond. Furthermore, there is a full kitchen and cafe where the artists can have a lunch, a drink or small snack, relaxing and spending time with the other people in the Art Centre.


On the first floor there are three painting ateliers for the painters that need a place to develop their work. Next to the ateliers, there is the chill out area, a cozy balcony that overlooks the dance studio to chill and rest in the homey sofas or just in the carpets with pillows.

The last floor is destined for the private ateliers of David Zambrano and Mat Voorter where they will be developing their own work in painting and sewing. During the opening week (12th-19th August) is possible to visit the space and see an exhibition of the work of Zambrano, Voorter and four other invited artists. After that week, it will be also a place for exhibitions of artists in residence at TicTac.

Keeping the necessities of dancers in mind, the basement have available two massage rooms for Thai and Shiatsu massage.

The Art Centre also has a large terrace to enjoy the sunniest days. This terrace is also connected with the Gallery of TicTac, a place for exhibitions and for the purchase and sale of the work done by artists in residence.

The Art Centre is offered to artists with innovative ideas and who are willing to share them in frames of master classes, workshops, regular classes, raw performances and visual art exhibitions. The activities at the centre will be a flexible and regular schedule allowing unexpected artists who will be passing through the city of Brussels to be able to participate in short notices.

In this way, Tic Tac Art Centre becomes a new meeting spot for the art community, the house that opens its arms and welcomes artists from all over the world, a place of inspiration to share and keep growing together.