About the body sensation …
by Hisako Horikawa
06.11 – 10.11.2018

About the body sensation …
by Hisako Horikawa
06.11 – 10.11.2018
952 409 Tictac Art Centre

06.11 – 10.11.2018

11.00 to 17.00, tuesday till saturday

250 €

This is the workshop for the sensation from our body. and the observation how our body are.

We try to feel many parts of the body, also different speed of the body, and body sensation, through some different approach.
The body is not one.Many parts are alive and organizing each other at the same time. The body can suggest us something where we will go.Before moving, the sensation is there.The body is most close nature for us. We do not control our body, we listen, feel and receive the motivation of the body and trust them.We observe ourselves. We are a part of the nature and a part of the world.We are in between.” ( Hisako Horikawa)

Hisako Horikawa (Niigata, Japan) has studied improvisation music and was a voice performer before dance. Since 1978, she has been enquiring into the body and dance with Min Tanaka. She was the co-founder of the Body Weather Laboratory and until 1998 she was working and dancing with the dance company Maijuku and Body Weather farm directed by Min Tanaka. In 1998 she began to work on her own and went back to Niigata. Today, she mainly does solos and improvises with the musicians and visual artists in different countries. She is dancing mostly outside theaters in old buildings, empty factories, on the road, in the nature, as well as collaborating with local artists, traditional artists and non-professional theatre in the city. Since 2005 she has visited and participated in small areas traditional dance Bon-Odori in Japan. She was artistic co-director at The Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival 2012. In 2016 she performed The Bear and Wind and Yesterday and in 2017-2017 Day and Day.

David Zambrano and Hisako Horikawa met in 1995 and have several times performed together and keep performing and collaborating with each other. Hisako brought him to Niigata. David brought her to Venezuela, Barcelona and now to Brussels.

If you are afraid of something or you are not sure
but you want to go further
do not worry, do not be afraid,
I am here, I am watching and listening to you.
To open the door, you need the warm eyes
of each other and the courage for your body.

Hisako Horikawa


11.00 to 17.00, tuesday till saturday
(with a lunch break of 1hour)

Saturday 10.11.2018
18.00 solo by Hisako Horikawa, plus other performance acts.

Price: 250 Euro
Registration fee of 80 euro required (as part of the 250).

Maximum of participants: 40

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