Shila Mehta

Shila Mehta
2500 2500 Tictac Art Centre


10.00 / 11.00 / 20.00

Mininum donation 5€

Masterclasses and Performance

By Shila Mehta
& Maya Sapera Company

3 November Saturday
10.00-11.00 Workshop Kathak for kids
11.00-16.00 Workshop Kathak for all / adults
20.00 Performance

Kathak is a North-Indian classical dance style, known for its rhytmical footwork, fast spins and expressive features. The dance style can be regarded as “the mother of Bollywood” being the inspiration for many film dance items. Amongst contemporary dance artists the style is known through the work of Akram Khan. In this four hour workshop, Shila Mehta will introduce you to the basics of Kathak dance, and a short choreography can be learnt. Learning Kathak techniques is meaningful for dancers of all backgrounds.

Shila Mehta is an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer and choreographer. She is celebrated for her well-rounded style of Kathak dance. Her dance is technically precise and rhythmic, her expressions captivating and innovative. Known for connecting with key social issues, Shila Mehta’s performances engage people of all ages, all over the world.

Invited by the Maya Sapera Company, Shila Mehta has been coming to Belgium since 2007, to share with them her love for this dance style. Today, her annual intensive dance course is well known in the Indo-Belgian dance-scene.

10.00-11.00 Workshop Kathak for kids with Shila Mehta (10 euro)

In India, Shila Mehta trains Kathak dancers from childhood. She is well experienced in making children enjoy and explore this beautiful dance style.

11.00-16.00 (1hr break) Workshop Kathak for all / adults with Shila Mehta (40 Euro)

20:00 Performance (5 Euro minimum donation)
Kathak dance recital by Shila Mehta & her disciples Maya Sapera & Aaricia Ponnet and “Taal” by Maya Sapera Company.

“Taal”, the title of this piece, refers to the Hindi word for rythm as well as the Dutch word for language. In India, rythm is the language that connects dancer and musician, who get trained in communicating through specific rythmical words. This language is being explored in this piece, where three dancers and three musicians take the audience on a journey through India. By combining classical Kathak elements with elements from the Rajasthani folk style, they aim to find a language that can be understood by anyone.
Artists: Mahabub Khan, Amjad Khan, Guinevere Schneider, Maya Sapera, Aaricia Ponnet & Yuka Numao

Our canteen La Cantictac will be open during day and eve to have homemade food and drinks.

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