Move (with) kids
by Anne-Lore Baeckeland

Move (with) kids
by Anne-Lore Baeckeland
2000 2000 Tictac Art Centre


9.00-12.00 for children
10.00-17.30 for adults

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Anne-Lore Baeckeland

Move (with) kids

How to create contexts where children can develop by themselves?
How to surf on the enthusiasm of young children to give them the basic tools of contemporary dance?
How to start with the idea that children can already do a lot of things and see the limits as a challenge?

8 till 12 July, Tictac Art Centre has a week dedicated to a dance research that welcomes children and adults together. This will be a mixed experience as it happens in interaction with choreographers, dancers, teachers and very young individuals.

We invite for the mornings children of 6-12 years and adults, who want to move and learn more about how to dance and play in the same shared space.

This experience will be guided by Anne-Lore Baeckeland, who will transmit her personal approach in working with children through an artistic research. She will offer a framework and space for everybody to play and learn about dance and life. The whole week is a sharing gathering where every individual can be source of inspiration.

This workshop is aimed at artists or teachers, with (or without) experience working with children, but who are curious to learn from the many years expertise of Anne-Lore Baeckeland on this field and have a sharing place to learn from each other.
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9.00–10.00: children start with Anne Lore Baeckeland.
10.00-12.00: the adults join. A workshop mixed with children and adults guided by Anne-Lore Baeckeland

Afternoons: (only with adults)
13.30-14.30: sharing tools, tricks, films, books, discussion, ….
14.30-16.15: dance class for adults, with a different teacher/technique every day: Mat Voorter (improvisation), Florian Vuille (Flying Low), Samantha van Wissen (phrases/composition), Betty Mansion (hiphop), Raakesh Sukesh (Payatt Intransit).
16.30-17.30: reflect together on how we can use this dance information for the workshop with children.

For children:
8-12 July: 9.00-12.00 Week-price is according to ones financial situation 30€-75€
PS. Kids are friendly requested to arrive in time between 8.30-9.00 and that they are picked up between 12.00-12.30.

For adults:
8-12 July: 10.00-17.30: 200€ (and 240 with homemade vegetarian/vegan lunch included)

Language no problem: (nl/fr/eng/etc.)

Biography Anne-Lore Baeckeland:
Anne-Lore Baeckeland (Gent 1972°) lives in an ongoing research developing tools to work with dance and children. Her passion to work with children started when she was 15 with toddlers in a gymnastics club. When she was 18 she changed direction and began to work with dance. Her life in dance has gone from Africa to the dance academy (Fontys/Tilburg/dance pedagogic), to work for young public in theatres and organisations in art education for children in Belgium. She founded Cacao Bleu with Lenneke Rasschaert as an association that creates bridges between children and the contemporary dance world through performances, films and interactive installations for children and workshops. She met Mat Voorter and Laida Aldaz in one of these projects … and collaborated with them in the making of the film Craft. Since 2015 she has been working on a space for dance for children in Liège, named ”Bal Spécial” where children can grow through dance from 3 years until … 99. She has created also special groups with only boys, mixed ages of children together, with adults and children together,…. Anne-Lore is since may 2019 employed by Danspunt to create programs for dance educators.

This workshop is presented by Tictac Art Centre in collaboration with Danspunt vzw.

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