by Francisco Córdova
6.5 – 17.5.2019

by Francisco Córdova
6.5 – 17.5.2019
2792 1616 Tictac Art Centre

6.5 – 17.5.2019

14.00 – 17.00

300 Euro for 2 weeks

By Francisco Córdova (México)

It is a training based on the construction of physical actions. It induces the participant to move from a common language and not form dance codes. It decodes and destructs the established and predetermined languages of the dance. The class is representation of control and physical intuition, its purpose is to create states: physical, mental and even emotional from taxation. It takes the body to its maximum capabilities with a corporately controlled risk. Guide the pupils to find the truth in their body and to contact their own way of moving, to assume the information regarding their intuition.
The class is experiential learning.

Francisco Córdova (México) is a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue. Masters in Theatre Studies and Scenic Direction at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. Bachelor in Contemporary Dance from the National School ENDCC of Mexico. Studies in JBQ (Montreal) and BH (New York). Director of the company Physical Momentum, director of ATLAS Festival and creator of the platform Técnicas de Movimiento Mexico/Barcelona. From 2006, he has been developing his methodological proposal Body-Action, which has taken him to teach numerous workshops in international festivals and art centres in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He currently resides between the city of Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.



300 for 2 weeks
Registration fee of 80 euro is required (as part of the 300)

Performance: 16.5.2019
Solo Improvisation by Francisco Cordova
Time: 20.00
Duration: 20 to 60 minutes

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