by Julyen Hamilton
15.7 – 19.7.2019

by Julyen Hamilton
15.7 – 19.7.2019
690 360 Tictac Art Centre

15.7 – 19.7.2019

10.00 – 16.30

250 Euros

by Julyen Hamilton

15.7. – 19.7.2019: Julyen Hamilton will perform 4 evenings with his company Allen’s Line the piece BURST!. 20.00

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Julyen Hamilton’s performances are characterised by a number of different reoccurring elements. These elements have been deeply researched and prac=ced over the years. They involve light / sound / space / text and speech ….and the use of objects. His decor work and use of objects in the space is of essence and accompanies all of his theatre pieces. ObjeCtS placed, handled, spoken to, danced beside, destroyed and created … all reveal a particular poetry especially when in the context of the ‘naked’ dancer’s body. We will take a look at this subject, working the body thoroughly and in the context of objects ‘on stage’. We’ll consider and practice how to enter into poe=c relationships with objects and discover how they can participate and reveal further layers of imagery in performance.

Julyen Hamilton:
“I have been making dances, directing and teaching for the past 40 years.
I was born in England, then lived in Amsterdam and am now based in Girona in northern Spain.
Trained in a period of experimentation in London in the mid-70s , I have constantly made work from a radical point of view.
My work, both in company and solo, develops dance for the theatre – a place where an atmosphere of transformation, insight and understanding is permitted without resort to thin conclusions.
In this ambience dancers and light designer are directed to compose pieces instantly;
we practise a process of improvisation in rehearsal and in the moment of performance.
These are refined skills; they are a way of tunnelling down into ourselves with the light of spontaneity and producing material.
This material is fresh to the intelligence of the moment and also linked to the months years and epochs that it has been gestating in the individual and the individual’s history.

Since 1990 I have made more than 100 solos which have been seen all over the world. They are an original interplay between dance, live text, and decor. Each piece is made specifically for each venue thus harnessing the architecture and ambience of the performing arena as forces which support and amplify the inherent themes of the piece.
In this work the voice is one which comes naturally from the body in motion; from a mind which is housed in a dancing body.
It is the voice of the itinerent more than the sedentary being. I sense that the intelligence of the mover comes from the whole body thus the rational lives alongside a vision of things as they change – as they are being and becoming.

Over the years I have had three companies, the present one based in Brussels, Belgium is named : ‘Allen’s Line’.
As director of the group, I develop a communal language where movement and text constantly intertwine
as they are passed amongst us; it is our way of manifesting a sharing of the imagination.

My teaching work comes straight from the stage experience; it goes deeply into the compositional aspects of creativity through the areas of the physical body, space, time, dramaturgy and voice.”

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