SURAM Ki-gong
by Young Cool Park
12.8 – 16.8.2019

SURAM Ki-gong
by Young Cool Park
12.8 – 16.8.2019
1047 963 Tictac Art Centre

12.8 – 16.8.2019

10.30 to 12.30

100 €

SURAM Ki-gong
by Young Cool Park

SURAM Ki-gong is one of the kigongs created by Chinese kigong and Korean traditional body training methods. This is my master SURAM master´s foundation and I have been practicing this for 15 years. I learned how to control my body and mind through this training, and I will share it through four key ways of SURAM Ki-gong: shaking, Camjanggong, breathing, bowing. Below are the explaination.

1) Shaking
Shaking is to wake the whole body through vibration and move the whole body. It is a method of purging the energy of the body through disassembling and recombining the body by transmitting waves to the skin, bone, internal organs, cells or more.

2) Camjanggong
This the basis of all traditional oriental martial arts. It is a method of purging and condensing the energy of the body.

3) Breathing method
This breathing, which is the basis of Kigong and the basis of life, leads to improvement of physical ability through direct connection with the body. The body with breathing allows expansion into space.

4) Bow down
The bow is said to be a prayer with the whole body from the Orient. The body, the mind, and the breath become one and become a complete medium connecting the upper and lower. This is a question about existence.


Neongcool Park
He is born in Korea and works as a teacher, dancer and choreographer. At the age of 14, he started street dancing. From the age of 17 he began to learn Korean dance, ballet and modern dance. In 2004, he completed MFA at Korea National University of Arts. Since then, he has established his own work by establishing Oh!mylifemovementtheater based on the improvisation dance in 2005, when he encountered the Oriental body training law, such as the poetry and the taijiquan. In 2008, he met David Zambrano and joined and together. In 2010, he received his Flying Low and Passing Through certifications and is working with him till today. Currently he is working as a resident organization in the theater with government support from Korea.

10.30 – 12.30

100 Euro

Performance: 15.8.2019
Solo Improvisation by Horacio Macuacua & Young Cool Park
Time: 20.00
Duration: 20 to 60 minutes

This workshop is also part of the Special Summer Package of 4 weeks of Improvisation coached by 5 different dance artists of 5 different continents. If you want to book this package, it costs only 800 Euro (or 960 Euro with daily lunch included).

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