with Thomas Hauert
02.9 – 13.09.2019

with Thomas Hauert
02.9 – 13.09.2019
6016 4016 Tictac Art Centre

02.9 – 13.09.2019

08:30 – 18:30

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ZOO/Thomas Hauert is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year through a series of workshops, classes and special events at Tictac Art Centre.

ZOO@Tictac: 20th anniversary of ZOO/Thomas Hauert

In 1998, ZOO/Thomas Hauert was founded and they have created since then more than twenty pieces which have toured all over the world. Their last creation How to Proceed (2018) commemorates the 20th anniversary of the company.

ZOO@Tictac: This anniversary celebration is extended this year through a two week residency at Tictac Art Centre from the 2nd to the 13th of September. The program of ZOO@Tictac contains workshops and lectures by the different members of ZOO/Thomas Hauert, an exhibition, pilates and amateur classes.

Workshops by the dancers of ZOO/Thomas Hauert

Some of the core dancers (Mat, Gabriel, Samantha, Sarah, Liz, Fabian) of the company will be transmitting unique material, coming from their experience with ZOO/Thomas Hauert or developed through personal research.

2 week workshop by Thomas Hauert in the afternoons.

For the first time Thomas Hauert will propose a workshop with a special focus on the didactical method underlying the teaching of his tools for dance improvisation.

“I’d like to teach a workshop focusing on the didactical method I have developed over the years to break down these often very complex physical and mental processes contained in the ZOO improvisational tools. Aimed at people who are interested to teach those or similar forms or for people who like to get an in-depth understanding and practice of the work.” Thomas Hauert

Schedule of the workshop and classes:

First week of the workshops and morning classes (2th-6th of September):
9.00-10.00 Gabriel Schenker: Pilates
10.00-12.00 Gabriel Schenker: Solo on Gershwin
13.30-17.30 Thomas Hauert will focus on expanding movement vocabulary: didactically progressive introduction and practice of exercises and games designed to expand our movement vocabulary, invent movement rather than reproduce learned co-ordinations. Multitasking, splitting the body into several “independent” actions. Using partners (assistants) suggesting/imposing movement to short-circuit habits.

Weekend workshops (7th & 8th of September):
10.00-13.00 Textile designers Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier: monotype print process.
14.30-17.30 Fabian Barba: Slugs’ garden.

Second week of the workshops and morning classes (9th-13th of September):

9.00-10.00 Mat Voorter: warm up improvisation / transformation.
10.00-12.00 Liz Kinoshita: Mechanism of the musical.
13.30-17.30 Thomas Hauert will focus on the progressive introduction and practice of the ZOO games for improvising as a group, making connections in space, time and body shapes. Several interdependent individuals form one single organism together (at a distance). interactions require an extreme state of attention, sensitivity and concentration combined with creativity, musicality and physicality.

Amateurs’ classes in the evenings (19:00-21:00):
2nd, 9th September – Samantha Van Wissen: In the moment
4th, 11th September – Samantha Van Wissen: Composition

5 September: Lecture by Gabriel Schenker.
12 September: Lecture by Fabian Barba.
And: ZOO’s technical manager/light designer, but also visual artist Bert Van Dijck will have a residency / exhibition in Tictac Gallery during the whole period.
Plus you can book during ZOO@tictac individual Alexander technique sessions with Sara Ludi (2nd -10th September)

Total package 600€: including ALL the workshops, classes during the 2 weeks, plus the weekend in between (with private alexander class 650€)

Smaller selected packages:
2 weeks Afternoon workshop with Thomas Hauert: 400€
Morning class and morning workshop: 120€
1 week Afternoon workshop plus morning workshop and class: 280€

Separate workshops:
1 week Afternoon workshop with Thomas Hauert: 200€
Morning workshop 10.00-12.00: 90€ (1 week)
Early class 9.00-10.00: 40€ per week (10€ per day possible also with Mat Voorter)

Weekend workshop: 50€ each, 80 for both whole weekend
Evening Amateur classes: 30€ for 2; 50 for all 4
Alexander technique private session: 50€

For further information and subscription you can write to info@tictacartcentre.com

More information about ZOO/Thomas Hauert you can find on: https://zoo-thomashauert.be

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