by Seppe De Roo
November 2-December 21
(8 sessions)

by Seppe De Roo
November 2-December 21
(8 sessions)
2560 1706 Tictac Art Centre

November 2nd-December 21st (8 sessions)

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Equilibrium: Color, Form, Composition, & Abstraction in Painting
by Seppe De Roo

About the workshop:
This workshop intends to create a space and time to explore the medium of painting for all levels and from all creative backgrounds. The main objective is the exploration of visual imagery in its basic components and how these components can be used to come to a free and personal expression in paint. This workshop centers on the equilibrium of these components and how balance and imbalance can be used as a tool of expression.

The structure of the workshop is made in such a way that every week the participants dive and research into a certain element of image-making and painting. First as a theoretical discourse, and then secondly to put that element into practice while painting. The third part of this workshop is to have individual coaching sessions to see what each interests in painting are and what could the teacher offer to get to the point participants would like to reach during the period of the workshop. The goal and intention are to have an extensive and in-depth basic knowledge of painting so participants can keep on painting on their project after the workshop has ended.

There will be also a visit to the Bozar to the David Hockney exposition (ticket not included in the price of the workshop) that’s is offered as a free and voluntary extra. This visit will be guided by Seppe De Roo.

Seppe De Roo (27) is a painter and visual artist based in Brussels Belgium. He studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His work focuses on an exploration of collective stories (or arch-stories) that humanity has used to organize and structure different societies whereby these are synthesized in an autobiographical way. There’s a strong historical framework embedded going back to historical painting techniques, mythology, and symbolism.
His paintings are structured as a theater stage on which different persona’s of the artist live in surreal space and time.

You can find more info on the artist on his website:

Each Tuesday (8 classes)
November 2nd till December 21st, 2021.

Time of this workshop:
There are two different slots available 15:00-18:00 or 19:00-22:00
Each group will be approximately 3 or 4 participants only, as the teacher will guide and focus on each participant.

Tictac Art Gallery

Price & Registration:
Price is 240€ for the 8 classes (this does not include material costs)
Registration fee is 80€ (as part of the 240€)

If you intend to take this workshop, please also write a very short summary (max 10 lines) about yourself, your creative past, and your intent for taking this workshop. You can send it to info@tictacartcentre.com

The first class materials will be provided. That day will be given information on different paint pallets and where you can buy these tools and materials for different price ranges. For the next classes, the participants will bring their own materials and tools, where they will work with.

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