by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai
December 13-17

by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai
December 13-17
561 562 Tictac Art Centre

December 13-17

10:00-18:00 (Friday also 18:30-21:30)


Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies  
(a clothing performance laboratory)
by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai

About the workshop:
‘Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies’ is an experimental workshop where textile construction and choreographic research meet. A space to interweave ideas and generate connections based on the narrative of clothing and the potential of the body. A versatile workshop for performers, dancers, choreographers, set designers, visual artists, architects and anyone interested in the crossing of readings between body and material as a system of creation.

The experience seeks to create micro politics that reinforce social and cooperative identity; recognising the practices of neoliberal consumption, subject to the creation of needs and the imposition of prices, fashions and products.

The workshop will lead to a performance at the end and has the following phases:
– Introduction to the sewing machine and manual processes of immediate textile transformation.
– Research and construction of the image on the body.
– Research and construction of the image in space, fabric and scenography.
– Physical and conceptual research.
– Creation and textual development from the garments created.
– Improvisation patterns and scenic composition.
– Implementation and a performance at the last evening of the workshop.

Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai (Basque country / The Netherlands) received a bachelor degree in Dance and Choreography in 2008 at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and was a research student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) in 2010/11. His work is based on choreographic experimentation, bringing movement together with textiles, sound and language. His practice is strongly rooted in the “reuse” of materials and ideas; the reinterpretation of old items, waste and concepts. His work has been shown in the Netherlands and abroad in venues such as: Royal Palace, Tropenmuseum, Stedelijk museum, Melkweg and Frascati theatre (Netherlands), Saatchi Gallery and V&A Museum (London), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Acacia evenings, (Biron Bay in Australia), Kaleidoscope (Kuala Lumpur), Ansan (Seoul), Casa Encendida (Madrid), Idans (Istanbul) and Ozora (Hungary) among many others. Other remarkable collaborative works have been made with Ibrahim Quraishi (Berlin/NY), Rui Xu (England/China), Hands (Malaysia), Trust company (South Korea), Duda Paiva, Maas Podium, Anne Rosa de Carvalho and Meekers, (Holland). He is a founding member of Instant collective (2006), an Amsterdam based improvisation group. He founded and curates studio ReMo: a performance research centre in the north of Amsterdam. He is an Amnesty International activist.  www.hobelasai.com

10:00-18:00 (Friday also 18:30-21:30)
December 13th – 17th, 2021.

13 – 17 December 2021
Monday till Friday
10:00 till 18:00 (with a lunchbreak between 13:30-14:30)
Friday will also include the evening: 18:30 – 21:30, with a public presentation at 20:00 in the big studio

Tictac’s Small Studio

Price & Registration:
250€ (excl material*)
Registration fee is 80€ (as part of the 250€)

*Participants will need to bring: good scissors for clothing, 3 or 4 black plain cotton T-shirts (used or new) a smartphone, a notebook, a small selection of second hand clothes and/or inspiring materials (fabric, paper, plastic, or for exp. your grandfather’s pyjamas or a mop). In case you have a sewing machine, please bring it with you if you can. Plus don’t forget also to bring comfortable clothes for the movement practice.

Credits of the picture: Ariah Lester

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