Blue Training (weekend)
by Segni Mossi
June 18 – 19

Blue Training (weekend)
by Segni Mossi
June 18 – 19
1920 1080 Tictac Art Centre

June 18th – 19th



Blue Training (weekend)
by Segni mossi

“Who said you paint sitting down? That while the hand slides on the paper the rest of the body should remain asleep? You can draw with the whole body: running, jumping, laughing. You can draw without looking, with the body of the other, with your voice, in the air. You can be incisive and you can get lost in space. You can leave a mark even while remaining motionless. “

Segni Mossi is a movement and graphic sign project for children and adults by Alessandro Lumare and Simona Lobefaro; “Assuming that dance and drawing are two ways to make a mark, we thought to create a workshop where one can experience the consequences of this insight. Not a multidisciplinary activity but rather an opportunity to rediscover together a unity between two languages which are usually considered separate. In Segni Mossi both graphical productions and dance productions are traces of processes: we are interested in living these experiences.”

Segni Mossi has created a series of trainings which are independent programs, all equally crossed by simplicity, rigor, play, taste for exploration and collaboration. They are aimed at educators, dancers, art therapists, and anyone who is curious.

In 2021 Segni Mossi came for the first time to Tictac and gave their Pink-training. This year they will be back with the Blue-training at Tictac on the weekend and after they will move to Danspunt Gent with their Red-training on Monday and Tuesday.

The Blue training focuses on the immediacy and the echo of the movement.
It will involve issues like: the birth of a line, creating instant sculptures. mobile supports, whiffles, from a gesture to a sign to movement, bouncing, multiple exposures. Practical work is alternated with moments of observation, and sharing sessions where we talk about the methodology and experiences related to the work in artistic and school contexts.

Segni Mossi is a research project born in 2014 by the visual artist Alessandro Lumare and the choreographer Simona Lobefaro in order to investigate the interaction between dance and graphic signs with children and adults. They have partnered with Mus-e Italia to promote social inclusion through art in public primary schools in Rome (IT). Since 2015, they have been conducting training courses and workshops in more than 20 countries. Plus, they have been selected by the HundrED organization as one of its 100 innovative education projects across the world for the years 2017 and 2019.

Simona Lobefaro comes from a multidisciplinary background involving contemporary dance, movement research, and performance. She is the choreographer of MAddAI. She is part of Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili. She conducts dance workshops for adults, children, plus children and adults together.

Alessandro Lumare is an author of illustrated books for children, art trainers, and atelieristas. He has professional experience as a video maker, dancer and sociocultural operator. His artistic research is characterized by multidisciplinary and attitude to innovation.


Weekend 18 and 19 June

Saturday. 15:00-20:00
Sunday. 10:00-15:00

135€ (including material-costs)
registration fee of €50 (as part of the total amount of €135).

This workshop is co-organised with Danspunt / Anne-Lore Baeckeland
In Danspunt the Red Training will take place 20 and 21 June.
For information and registration for the Red training you have to go to:

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