Flowing Cycles
by Youri de Gussem
July 25-29

Flowing Cycles
by Youri de Gussem
July 25-29
2560 1706 Tictac Art Centre

July 25th – 29th

10:00 – 13:00


Flowing Cycles
by Youri de Gussem

About the workshop:
Through the workshop, we will seek physically to go towards a self-transcendence and find ways to recycle, renew our energy beyond exhaustion while remaining in motion. We will look for a better understand of our mechanics, the physical laws that govern our movements, in search of a field of richer possibilities in our dance and out of our comforts zones.
We can then, through different exercises and improvisations, overcome our limits, our personal boundaries and bring our physical and bodily skills to another level.

I am interested in seeing how far the human body can go without physical damage. It will be a physical, dynamic and emotional experience that will connect the body and the mind.

During the workshop, we will also take time to immerse ourselves in an acrobatic journey. This is something that is part of my dance practice and I would like to share what I have learned. How to get in and out of an acrobatic move and how to use the body to generate the right amount of energy to do it, without a huge preparation.

Another important point of the workshop will be devoted to the mental appeasement, to let go of the mind, and thus to allow the free expression of the intelligence of the body. Nowadays and speaking of personal experiences, before we perform a physical action, we spend a moment of reflection. We try to understand it before we have even experienced it physically.
By freeing our body from these continuous reflections, we will be able to put our mind to sleep and realize that we are capable of doing many things if we don’t block them with our preconceived ideas, our fears.

After four years of dance studies at the Antwerp Conservatory and P.A.R.T.S. he has been focusing for several years on the development of his own artistic work and since 2017, with dancer and choreographer Julie Querre, he has founded the company ZEMIATA (www.compagnie-zemiata.com).
Several of his creations took parts in Belgian and European dance festivals in Lisbon, Brussels, Antwerp, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Arnhem, Grenoble, Geel and Corfu. He is now focusing on the creation of the duet Un2 and his solo Not So Close.
At the same time, he works for the choreographers Ricardo Ambrozio, for the piece Homo Urbanus, Jordi Lopez Vidal, for the street performance En Encounter and Adventure in planet Love, Sarah Baltzinger for the piece Fury, Marie Martinez for her piece N’Être Humains, Caroline Cornelis/Company Nyash for the children performance Stoel and lately with the company Corps in Situ for the pieces Trip and Go!.

Monday till Friday
July 25th-29th

10:00 – 13:00

150 €
Registration fee of 80 € required (as part of the 150 €)

Package deal:
In the same week, Raúl Vargas Torres is teaching a workshop in the afternoons. If you book both workshops, you pay 285€ instead of 350€. Other discount options 10/20/30% you can find on the page where you book the workshop(s).

Thursday 28 July 2022 at 19:00
performances by Youri de Gussem and Raúl Vargas Torres (30 – 60 min.)
Entrance fee is included in the workshop fee for the participants.
For general public 5€ minimum as contribution.

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