The Folklore that never existed
by Désirée 0100 
August 1 – 5

The Folklore that never existed
by Désirée 0100 
August 1 – 5
2560 1707 Tictac Art Centre

August 1st – 5th

9:00 – 13:00


The Folklore that never existed
by Désirée 0100

This workshop will not happen at this time, but be postponed to a later moment.
We will go to set new dates with Désirée 0100 and announce these at social media and on the website.

About the workshop:
Dance is a practice of movement but also of sounds, light and human warmness. This workshop is both an exploration on improvisation, on musicality and dance as a social practice.
Experimentation and Improvisation: We will approach dance through an inclusive and creative lens, as we will try to shortcut self-sabotage in order to find beauty and self-acceptance within the infinite ways of dancing and moving. We will practice performing, composition, musicality, material-creation, and communication with other dancers. We will analyze movement, rhythms, noise, your very own vocabulary, and more; All of these elements will be the ingredients of our daily dosed-parties, body-voice concerts, and many other experimentations.
Dance as social practice: Dance is not only an art of moving, it is also an art of gathering and building communities. We will explore the many ways of the “how to meet” in order to make our personal dance universes more social. We will practice sharing, dialoguing, interacting through dance and movement.

Born in 1992 in Mexico City, Désiré 0100 is a dancer and choreographer. She lives in Belgium since 2018.
Her work has a strong connection with the improvisation practice, the folklore, musicality, migration, healing rituals, and social justice for the marginalized communities. Besides her performing career, Désirée teaches and creates dance opportunities within hospitals, prisons and psychiatric centers-, but also for professional and amateur dancers in cultural and artistic institutions.
As a guest artist she has collaborated with David Zambrano, Florence Casanave, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Benjamin Abel Meirhaighe, Krakland, The Ostend Street Orkestra, among others

Mondays till Fridays
May 3rd-7th

9:00 to 13:00

200 €
Registration fee of 80 € required (as part of the 200 €)

Package deal:
In the same week, Pere Faura is teaching a workshop in the afternoons. If you book a place for both workshops, you pay only 285 € instead of 350 €. Other discount options 10/20//30% you can find on the page where you book the workshop(s).

Thursday 4 August 2022 at 19:00
performances by Désirée 0100 and Pere Faura (30 – 60 min.)
Entrance fee is included in the workshop fee for the participants.
For general public 5€ minimum as contribution.

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