FLESH DANCE / Choreographing the zombie
by Pere Faura
August 1-5

FLESH DANCE / Choreographing the zombie
by Pere Faura
August 1-5
768 750 Tictac Art Centre

August 1st – 5th



FLESH DANCE / Choreographing the zombie
by Pere Faura

This workshop will not happen at this time, but be postponed to a later moment.
But soon there will be a chance to meet Pere Faura, as he will come to perform one evening in the anniversary week 15-21 august.
We also will make known when he will come back to share the week workshop.

About the workshop:
This workshop will be exploring the physicality of terror and the politics of the aesthetics of the apocalypse as creative tools to generate dancing and choreographic events. We will be removing the physical icons and symbols out of the filmic narrative to understand them as generators of a more abstract, weird, uncanny, but unique and personal dancing material. In each session we will be more or less structured in these 3 practices:

– The body of the undead and the physicality of fear
We will be dissecting and embodying different kinds of zombie creatures and infected bodies, as well as sculpturing physical expressions of fear, terror and panic in order to expand our dancing vocabulary and widen our improvisation tools using the universe of terror as the main inspirational motor.

– The horde
We will discuss and exercise the idea of apocalyptic flocking or mass of flesh to practice collective decision-taking when improvising with an extreme physical body. Listening into the crowd scream in order to move and escape together.

– Performing suspense
We will be inventing small dramaturgical structures by playing around with the developed material in order to articulate, construct and perform a final post-human event at the end of the workshop.

Pere Faura graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2006, with a piece that won the ITS Festival Award, and was selected for the DansClick tour around different cities in the Netherlands. That same year he entered as a resident choreographer at Frascati Theater in Amsterdam and in 2009 received the prestigious Charlotte Kohler Price. In 2011 he graduated from the Amsterdam Master of Choreography and returned to Barcelona where he continued developing and producing new shows with the collaboration of different creative centers in the city and being a choreographer in residence at Mercat de les flors for the last 4 years.

His choreographic work is based on appropriating elements of pop culture to transform them into new choreographic material, in a multidisciplinary dance with all the elements that are part of the theatrical machinery.

Besides developing his own work, he has created many choreographies for theater, musicals, ceremony awards and other kind of events; he designed and presented a TV program about dancing; he’s been giving many classes and workshops on improvisation, dance making and composition tools; and he recently published a book about his artistic work and universe called DISCOZOMBIE.

Monday till Friday
August 1st-5th

14:30 – 17:30

150 €
Registration fee of 80 € required (as part of the 150 €)

Package deal:
In the same week, Désirée Cerocién is teaching a workshop in the mornings. If you book a place for both workshops, you pay only 285 € instead of 350 €. Other discount options 10/20//30% you can find on the page where you book the workshop(s).

Thursday 4 August 2022 at 19:00
performances by Désirée Cerocién and Pere Faura (30 – 60 min.)
Entrance fee is included in the workshop fee for the participants.
For general public 5 € minimum as contribution.

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