by David Zambrano
January till December 2023

by David Zambrano
January till December 2023
1667 2500 Tictac Art Centre

10 Weekends
from January till December

Saturday 12:00-16:00 and Sunday 10:00-14:00

1000 €

by David Zambrano

A 10 weekends workshop diving into an extensive-intensive learning experience, to achieve deep knowledge of Flying Low, transmitted by David Zambrano himself.
On requests of people who have not the option to leave work or home for our 4 or 5 weeks intensives by David Zambrano, Tictac Art Centre offers in 2023 a 10 weekends intensive spread over the whole year. The time schedule is made in such way, that the program can be accessible from close-by cities of the nearby countries. Dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, dance lovers, performing artists of any field are welcome to apply. Don’t wait to last minute. It is good for us if we can make a first selection before 1 November.

This workshop focuses mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class utilizes simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centered state. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help improve the dancer’s physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.

When one is moving, the whole room is moving with one. The image of the body constantly spiraling, whether running dancing, walking dancing or standing dancing is the main practice during the whole class. Working with spirals helps the dancers go into the floor and out of the floor with ease, and also helps the dancers to see themselves and the room from all sides. The spirals propel the class all over the room, both on the ground and upright. This is the flying low technique.

David Zambrano has been a monumental figure in the international dance community for more than 35 years, and his passion for cultural exchange continues to influence his work. Zambrano is an ambassador and liaison across many borders, bringing together artists from all over the planet for his projects. He has taught his own approach to dance in more than 75 countries and has performed at hundreds of venues across the world. His pieces range from set choreography, structured improvisation, and pure improvisation. Born in Venezuela, Zambrano spent 15 years in New York and now lives in between Amsterdam and Brussels. In 2018 he initiated Tictac Art Centre as an artistic home base.

January till December (10 weekends / 20 days / 80 hours) “Every first” weekend of the month, except July/August.
Exact dates are:
7/8 January
11/12 February
4/5 March
1/2 April
6/7 May
3/4 June
2/3 September
7/8 October
4/5 November
2/3 December

Saturday 12:00-16:00
Sunday 10:00-14:00

Price for the 10 weekends (20 days) is 1000 Euro.
Lunch or drinks are not included in the price. There will only be a short break during the time schedule. Though the canteen will have food and drinks available for sale.

The participants need to take the full workshop and only exceptional can miss a day.

There will be a selection procedure for attending this intensive.

How to Apply:
You have to fill an application form in order to apply, click here.

Still questions? Write to info@tictacartcentre.com

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