by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai
February 27 – March 3

by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai
February 27 – March 3
1002 533 Tictac Art Centre

February 27th – March 3

10:00 – 16:00


Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies
(a clothing performance laboratory)
by Javier Murugarren / Hobelasai

Unexpected Dresses for Undefined Ceremonies (UDUC) is a somatic laboratory that integrates physical training, visual arts, choreographic and material experimentation.
This workshop invites participants to enter into a process of personal exploration within a collective; offering a practice that enhances an intuitive connection to movement, images, materials & stories, both personal and grand narratives. The visual work will use textile materials and objects as a starting point to develop physical, visual and vocal associations. Participants will work in groups and individually to generate studies; compositions in text, movement and image work. Dialogue and feedback will be central to the work.
UDUC is open to people of all disciplines who want to investigate a multidisciplinary artistic approach to performing arts. Seeking to cross the borders in the position of the participants beyond their original disciplines, inviting them to generate an autonomous and versatile discourse. Performing and visual artists, designers, researchers, writers and creatives from diverse backgrounds will be able to find and rethink working methodologies and inspiration in this process.
This laboratory rescues and investigates the history and narrative of materials and garments through redefinition and upcycling techniques and covers manual textile manipulation
The morning training routines will use various approaches to movement and voice research such as body weather, physical manipulations, partnering work and vocal techniques. Creative sessions will follow and they will use textile construction and object manipulation, visual perception, compositional exercises and translation methodologies. There will be specific times during the day for personal creative work, rest and sharing of participants’ realities.
UDUC Laboratory workshop has the following inspirational themes:
-Materials/objects/study. Manipulate, construct, embody, translate, manifest.
-Wearing/dancing/material. Incorporate, transform, become, flourish, mutate.
-Walk/step/bare feet. Earthing, synchronising, emptying, receiving, observing, unfolding.
-Ritual/meaning. Listen, discover, reveal, respect, spiritualise, honour, transcend.
-Space/presence/character. Arrays, installations, scene, inhabit, co-create.
-Fundamental elements. Light/cloth/skin, sound/silence/wait, wind/breath, humidity/texture/time.

Technical requirements:
Participants should bring scissors, sketchbook, camera (Smartphone) with small tripod, small selection of materials that inspire them, with which they want to work (garments and/or fabrics, paper, plastic, adhesive tape, natural materials…).

Javier Murugarren is a multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation, bringing movement together with textiles, sound and language. He is a performer, movement pedagogue and free diver. Besides numerous collaborations, his performance works have been presented in venues such as Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Saatchi gallery and V&A museum (London), and Casa Encendida (Madrid), Kaleidoscope (Kuala Lumpur) among other venues and collaborations with independent artists.
He has facilitated creative processes and workshops worldwide. He is a founding member of ReMo Studio; a Movement Research studio in Amsterdam.

Monday till Friday
February 27th till March 3rd

10:00 to 16:00

Tictac’s Small Studio

250€ (excl material*)
Registration fee is 80€ (as part of the 250€)

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