by Frans Poelstra
June 5 – 9

by Frans Poelstra
June 5 – 9
1438 2560 Tictac Art Centre

June 5th – June 9th

10:00 – 18:30

300 (with daily lunch included)

by Frans Poelstra

About the workshop:
In this intensive research workshop, open for performers (also if you have little to no experience, the curiosity needs to be there), the focus will be, as the title already suggests, on our senses.
Every day we start the workshop with an easy awareness warm-up, getting in contact with our body, observing, getting ready to work. we then, till lunch break, continue with a guided exploration of the 5 senses (i know, there are more): sight – hearing – smell – taste – touch. each day we will focus on a different sense. smell and taste we will combine because there are so connected.
Feelings, sensations, questions, etc. will arise and will be acknowledged as part of your research.

We have lunch together. During lunch, which we have in the studio, we have to possibility to get to know each other in a more social way.

After lunch we do a little siesta and then we continue, without interruption, with a long improvisation. during this improvisation i will every now and then talk and give possible directions one can focus on.
Around 30 minutes before the end of the workshop day we will come together and reflect on what has happened that day.
In the afternoon of the fifth day i would like to invite outside people to come and be with us while we improvise. this “coming together” with an audience is an important part of the workshop, because in the end it’s all about performing.
My aim is to make the workshop a safe space for everybody, a space in which you can trust your intuition and take yourself seriously in order to play, reflect and perform.
I see myself as a facilitator, creating the circumstances in which one can ‘blossom’, alone and together.
all participants should bring:

(yoga) mat or similar
blind fold
ear plugs
paper and (color) pencils
book(s) you like to read
other little objects you like to have with you for this workshop

Because there will be no other events happening during the week in the studio, we can leave our stuff in there overnight.
It would be great if you can leave your smartphones at home or at least turn it off during the workshop.

Frans Poelstra (NL – 1954)
He graduated at the SNDO in Amsterdam in 1984. During the 80ties and early 90ties he participated in numerous music/dance improvisation performances with i.a. David Zambrano, Sasha Waltz, Mark Tompkins, Vera Mantero, Katie Duck, Benoit Lachambre, Jennifer Lacey, Steve Paxton. In 2003 he started a collaboration with performer/writer Robert Steijn, together they formed united sorry. In 2004 he moved to Vienna where he still lives and works. Besides his solo work he collaborates with local artists i.a Krõõt Juurak, Elizabeth Ward, Michikazu Matsune, Alix Eynaudi, Oleg Soulimenko, Vera Rebl (MixedAbilityDance). He has been giving workshops in different institutions in Europe, SNDO Amsterdam, Tanzquartier Vienna, SEAD Salzburg, CNDC Angers, ICI Montpellier, HZT Berlin, Theatre Academy Helsinki, etc.

Monday till Friday
June 5th – 9th

10:00 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 18:30

300 € (daily lunch included)
Registration fee of 80 € (as part of the 300 €).

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