Tuning Scores: Collaborative Composition
by Stephanie Auberville and Bryce Kasson
June 5 – 9

Tuning Scores: Collaborative Composition
by Stephanie Auberville and Bryce Kasson
June 5 – 9
910 910 Tictac Art Centre

June 5th – 9th

14:30 – 18:30


Tuning Scores: Collaborative Composition
by Stéphanie Auberville and Bryce Kasson

About the workshop:
Lisa Nelson developed the Tuning Scores over many years of her own research, solo and in collaboration with many artists. One early question was, “what do we see when we look at dance?” This system of practices creates a structure for collaboratively composing dance images with others, discovering new choice-making possibilities, and making one’s desires & choices— about space, time, dance and the desire to compose our experience—actively visible.
Tuning proposes methods to discover, examine and express what one wants and what is wanted from an aesthetic situation, strategies for surviving the decisions of other people, and tools for building with others who make different choices than oneself. Tuning trains aesthetic resilience.

One part of the workshop will be rooted in Tuning practices—physical practices developed to study and also train modes of perception (including visual, touch, kinesthetic, auditory, and intuition). Physically engaging with these practices of sensation and attention, we open more and more to the presently available movement material of the senses.

Editing a Dance In Real Time
Another part of the workshop will be the Tuning Scores themselves, clear propositions which provide a frame inside of which to build dance images with others, entangling sensation, attention, imagination, memory and desire with movement material as it emerges from ourselves, others and the space.

These aesthetic games offer communication tools for players to engage in real-time editing and instant playback within a shared image space. One of the main tools are verbal “calls”. These calls—such as pause, reverse, and sustain— change the internal and external image space in particular yet often unpredictable ways. They have specific meaning, use and history inside the Tuning Scores, and that meaning continues to evolve with every group who plays with them.

Bryce Kasson (USA/DE) is a dance improvisor, clown and musician. He has been working with the Tuning Scores for over 25 years, and they are fundamental to his dance/ improvisation practice. He is regularly invited to research and perform Tuning Scores in small ensembles with Lisa Nelson and others. He has taught this work to professional dancers, contact improvisors, actors and clowns in Europe and South America. In 2021 he co-led the SOFORT Improvisationstage at ehrenfeldstudios (Cologne), focusing on the work of Lisa Nelson.

Stephanie Auberville ( FR/BE) is a choreographer and improvisor.
Since the early 90s, she is engaged in improvisation practices, she is teaching and performing it.
She meet Lisa Nelson in 2014 and dive into her work. She has been invited to SOFORT where she taught and perform with Bryce Kasson.
In her choreographic work, she digs in the archives, dissects collective imaginaries, plays with mental images, and disrupts how our gazes are choreographed. Her solo Salutation Mistinguettes has been supported by Charleroi danse, as well as M-81 a 7 dancers piece.
On the side to cultural venues, she develops in situ projects by occupying a geriatric hospital, an investment bank, or an emergency shelter for homeless people. The works are created from the encounter with the place itself and with the people who inhabit it.

Monday till Friday
June 5th till 9th

14:30 – 18:30

200 €
Registration fee of 80 € (as part of the 200 €).

Package Deal:
In the same week, Cruz Isael Mata is teaching a workshop in the mornings. If you book a place for both workshops, you pay only 285 € instead of 350 €. Other discount options 10/15/20% you can find on the page where you book the workshop(s).

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