Uiko Watanabe
Look at a vertical world from the side (Butoh)
February 12-16

Uiko Watanabe
Look at a vertical world from the side (Butoh)
February 12-16
1303 1303 Tictac Art Centre

February 12-16

14:30 – 18:30


Uiko Watanabe

Look at a vertical world from the side – Butoh

First of all, Butoh does not have a method like classical ballet or other western dances. Therefore, it is a dance that has no correct answers and no need to imitate others.

While many Western dances are based on the theme of flight and liberty, Butoh first questions the notion of standing on two feet.
Butoh is often characterized by mimicry.
It means that you become another animal, creature, or object and see the world as it is. They have different rules and time flow than we human beings do.
The first part of my workshop focuses on physical training.
Butoh is not a slow-motion dance, neither is it a dance of moods, but it is a way to embody your imaginations through your body. Therefore, it is not only about the imagination (head) or just a well-moving body, but both are necessary.
In some of the improvisations I will propose, you will mimic things that you know well and that are familiar to you. Then you dance with the body that is not yours.
I think imaginations are different for children and adults. We have an imagination that comes from growing up and having more experiences, and an imagination that we believe in without question.
They are so different for each of you, and that is the beginning of your own Butoh.

Butoh has a certain beauty that is different from Western dances.
It is imperfection, danger, fragility, and the loneliness of the final moments of a life ending.
I have been dancing since I was a child, starting with classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, African dance, and all kinds of other dances that I love.
Then, in pursuit of more freedom in my dancing, I arrived at Butoh and have just begun to walk. I hope this workshop will be eye-opening for you.

Uiko Watanabe’s biography:

She was born in Kanagawa, Japan, and began classical ballet at the age of 4. At 19, she discovered Butoh in Japan. She furthered her dance education at the SNDO in Amsterdam and EDDC in Arhem, Holland.
In 2001, she relocated to Brussels and collaborated with various choreographers. She also ventured into acting in the theater and film industry in Belgium. She regularly conducts Butoh workshops.
Her choreographic journey began with “La Pièce avec des Légumes” in 2008, followed by “La Pièce avec les gateaux” in 2009 and “La dernière scène” in 2010, which earned a nomination for the best dance spectacle in Belgium. “Hako Onna” followed in 2012.
Around the same time, she established her own company, producing works supported by the Belgian government. In 2015, she presented “Oshiire (closet)” in Brussels and Charleroi, which also received a nomination for the best dance spectacle in Belgium.
Looking ahead, her new creation “Hikidashi (drawer)” is scheduled for a 2024 debut.

Dates and times:
February 12-16
14:30 – 18:30

50 € registration fee
200 € total

Package deal:
In the same week Jos Baker is teaching in the mornings. You get a 15% discount for registering to both workshops.


Photo by Jeanlouis Boccar

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