Tictac’s 5th Anniversary Week Workshops

Let’s Dance! by David Zambrano
From Monday to Saturday David Zambrano will guide a Let’s Dance! to start the day dancing. This experience is connected with David Zambrano’s personal approach for warming up (the body, the imagination, the interconnectivity).
In order to join this practice, participants have to have studied with David Zambrano before.
Monday 14 till Saturday 19
9:30-10:30 (Music from 9:00)
5 € per day (payed directly in Tictac)

Flying Low by David Zambrano
David Zambrano will share 3 mornings of Flying Low (2 hours).
Monday 14 till Wednesday 16
“When one is moving, the whole room is moving with one. The image of the body constantly spiralling, whether running dancing, walking dancing or standing dancing is the main practice during the whole class. ”
60 €

Afrobeat by Jolie Ngemi
Jolie Ngemi will share 3 mornings of Afrobeat (2 hours).
Thursday 17 till Saturday 19
Jolie returns to Tictac to give another branch of her knowledge with several African dance and Afro pop dances from the African continent.
With Afrobeat, we’re going to get to the very essence of dance. Root yourself to the ground, rediscover an inner physical rhythm and a shared joy of life.
60 €

Life is the Club by Archie Burnett
Archie Burnett will share a 5 day Voguing and Waacking workshop.
Monday 14 till Friday 19
“The Club in my days was the safe haven for all us ‘misfits’ that just didn’t fit in society’s mold. I was fortunate to realise that you can be ‘IN’ the scene, but not ‘OF’ the scene. All urban Dance is important and relevant. It is the voice of today’s youth as it was generations before. Because it is real, it will have real perils if one doesn’t pay attention. My quest, so to speak, is to share a little of my life with you and hope that one will enjoy the beauty of being connected in the spirit of being free.” -Archie Burnett
150 €