Dare to Wear – Clothing Store

Tictac Gallery is now a pop-up store of David Zambrano and Marygloria Pacheco’s fashion work. It can can be visited during Tictac’s opening hours, and also during the performance evenings on Thursdays, and Crude Saturdays. Here is the online version if you live far away but still dare to wear DZ’s fashion statements.

David has created unique clothes and fashion items together with Venezuelan artist Mary Gloria Pacheco Teppa. They have used different techniques like spray painting, bleaching, sewing, patchwork, customizing, etc. They will be upcycling beautiful fabrics, vintage clothes, and embroideries, that have been collected through different travels and markets in the world over the years. Dear to wear and embrace beauty in all its options.

Shipping and Payment:

If you pick them at Tictac, you will get a refund of €10 (please make an appointment by writing at info@tictacartcentre.com)
If your delivery’s destination is outside the European Union, we will contact you concerning the extra shipping costs.

Dare to Wear 2022 Winter Collection by DZ and Mary Gloria

2022 DZ
Sweater Collection