Movement Research
by Paola Madrid & Lola Vera

Movement Research

About Movement Research – dance practice
During the practice of movement research we’ll use several tasks and structures with the aim of gathering our dance into a social and performing aspect. Improvisation will be the base of our practice. From solo’s to group community-exercises we will find strategies to encourage our movement qualities and movement situations. We will develop strength, coordination and perception. The negotiation between the technical and emotional body -playfulness- will be the main objective inside movement research class. This practice may lead us to a composition/choreographic research, but also to get to know the others through dancing.
This practice is open to everybody, professional and amateurs.

About the teachers:
Paola Madrid is a Mexican dancer, choreographer and dance teacher living in Brussels. She will be leading the movement research regular classes, workshops and artistic projects of the group which they gathered for these Tuesday classes over the last years.

Lola Vera is an Argentinian dancer and dance teacher based in Brussels. She will collaborate in the teaching and does the management of the artistic projects for and with the Movement Research group.

Dates and time:
Every Tuesday from 20:30 to 22:00 from 19 April till 21 June, 2022.
(The canteen will be open for coffee and snack and the studio is available for warming up from 20:00).

The big studio of Tictac Art Centre

Info & Registration:
Please write to
Registration is mandatory and full commitment is required for the whole period in order to participate (19 April till 21 June 2022).

€120 (for the period of 19 April till 21 June 2022).