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Voces Crudas:
A Journey into the Latin-American Queer.

Six Concerts On Six Evenings By Three Singers 

From the 19th till the 24th of August, Tictac Art Centre’s studio becomes a cabaret where three iconic singers will enlighten each evening of the week at 20.00

About the artists

Yva Las Vegass or the “queer ambassadress of the Venezuelan folk music” (El PAIS), is based in NYC. Yva grew up in a coastal city in Venezuela before moving to Seattle, USA. Since the ’80s, she has been involved in several rock/punk music groups. Sweet 75, with Krist Novoselic (Nirvana bass player), founded in 1995 just after Kurt Kobain’s death was one such. After her winding and intense experience in the grunge and rock scene, she continued playing what she considers as folk music with punk aesthetics.

ARIAH LESTER is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist that mixes dance, fashion, music and singing to create intense art pieces. Ariah Lester’s work has a strong relation to identity, intimacy, and immigration. He defines his music as “Soul, hip-hop and sexy falsettos with an operatic touch”.

Carlos Casella a well known Argentinian actor, dancer, choreographer, and singer. In the 90’s he participated in the El Descueve dance company, which was one of the cornerstone players of the emergence of contemporary dance in Argentina. As a singer, he creates shows that are a subtle combination of melodrama and sensuality. It is irresistible to mention that he is also a national queer-icon.

Performance, Singing, Queerness, and Transformation

These three artists have particular and very different careers. However, each of them has transgressed various social and gender norms in a very creative and lively approach. Moreover, they have not only kept a strong relation to the Latin American culture, but also questioned it in an international context, and in a multidisciplinary perspective.

Entrance fees:
– €15 one night
– €35 for three nights
– €60 for the six nights

Line up:
August 19: Yva Las Vegass
August 21: Carlos Casella
August 23: Yva Las Vegass
August 24: Carlos Casella

All of these performances, we think, are absolute must-sees events by international artists! Let’s share these memorable moments together!

So Special !