Others Events

TICTAC art centre has at times special events, who break with the regular program:


From Monday 25th till Sunday 31st, TicTac takes part of SWIMMING IN GRAVITY event, a special week dedicated to Steve Paxton’s work and legacy (organised by Contredanse from 23 till 31 March).

Tuesday 26.3.19: Time: 19.00-22.00 @TICTAC
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Wednesday 27.3.2019 Time: 17.00 @TICTAC
TICTAC art centre hosts a Discussion and Performances by the Teachers/Artists who are teaching work on the legacy of Steve Paxton: At the evening itself we will know who of them will perform, but from Ray Chung and Otto Ramstad we already know they are up for it.

Saturday: 30.3.19 Time: 18.00 @TICTAC
TUNING SPACE / OPENED DOORS (Lisa Nelson), with some of the artists who were in the previous week teaching

The CONTEXT of these events:
TICTAC art centre takes part in hosting the event about the work of Steve Paxton, named Swimming in Gravity, organised by Contredanse on 25-29 March.

23-31 March: @BOZAR: Installation Phantom Exhibition.
25 Monday: 20.00 @BOZAR: Lecture: Swimming in Gravity by Steve Paxton.
27 Wednesday: 17.30-19.00 @TICTAC: Discussion and Performances by the Teachers/Artists
28 Thursday: 19.00 @La Raffinerie: about Legacy, transmission & sharing about and with Steve Paxton

TICTAC art centre’s contribution also is by hosting workshops and events, attended by 60 already selected dancers daily. The following 5 artists, historically related with Steve Paxton, are giving the workshops: Ray Chung, Patricia Kuypers, Charlie Morrissey, Otto Ramstad and Scott Smith.

This project is organised by Contredanse, in collaboration with BOZAR, Charleroi Danse and TICTAC Art Centre in the framework of Brussels, dance!

Connected to this is happening at TICTAC is :
1-4 / 8-12 April: TICTAC organises a Workshop by the wonderful dance artist Daniel Lepkoff, who has a history with Paxton dating back in the 70’s. www.tictacartcentre.com/2018/12/31/daniel-lepkoff/

Some other events to note in your agendas are:
20-25 May: CRUDE MAKE UP (more about this later)
19-25 August: VOCES CRUDAS (more about this later)

So Special !