34, Rue Emile Carpentier
A Photo Book Project by Irene Occhiato and Arnaud Beelen

“34, Rue Emile Carpentier”
A Photo Book Project by Irene Occhiato and Arnaud Beelen

The Project Statement
Back in the day, at 34 rue Émile Carpentier, the air was filled with the smell of white spirit and ink used to freeze words on paper. Today, this former printing house is filled with the scent of sweat, with energy and sounds.

«34, Rue Émile Carpentier» is a long series of photographs taken at Tictac Art Centre, a cultural centre dedicated to dance and visual arts, and more particularly to the practices of instantaneous composition and improvisation.
This project is not only the documentation of a space, ephemeral movements, diverse bodies and a heterogeneous public. Rather, it is the convergence of different temporalities, a dialogue between two fields, photography and dance. A dynamic exchange between the speed of movement, the reflex of capturing the moment, the hiatus of editing and the permanence of printing on paper.
After spending two years capturing the life of the place, immersed in daily life, this project wants to tell the chronicle of a period to the rhythm of snapshots, a choreography of images based on fleeting moments, stolen glances, dreamy expectations and overflowing emotions.

The Book
Format: 320 x 225 mm
200 pages.
contains 300 previously unseen images
Print on Fedrigoni paper
Swiss style binding

About the Authors
Irene first learned photography using a Pentax that her father passed on to her. Thanks to this old analog camera, she discovered her attraction to light. Alongside her career as a professional dancer, she pursued photography as her main passion. She eventually found a way to merge these two passions by focusing on shooting performances.

Arnaud trained as a graphic designer, photography has always had a central place in his work, for the last 10 years he has been dividing his time between graphic design and photography, with Belgian and international dancers/performers as his favourite subject.

Pre-order option

50€ – The book
80€ – The signed book + 3 different postcards
150€ – The signed book + a signed photographic art print (size 20x30cm)
500€ – The signed book + a signed photographic art print (size 30x40cm)
1000 € – The signed book + a signed photographic art print (size 60x40cm) + a photographic portrait session done by us (in Belgium).
3999 € – A special unique edition of the book signed, the book will be integrated in a ceramic art piece made by the ceramic artist Arpy Gokceyan + a signed photographic art print (size 90x60cm)

Tictac Art Centre will not have any financial gain from this preorder or the sale of the book, all the money will go directly to the project.

Why a pre-order?
By pre-ordering the book, you will help us to make the project bigger and more beautiful, all the money received through your pre-order will go directly to the project “34, Rue Emile Carpentier”, it will be used to pay the people who help us, the graphic designer, the retoucher, the translators, the writers, the scenographer, the sound designer… it will also allow us to finance part of the future exhibition of this project during the 5th Anniversary week of Tictac Art Centre in August 2023

The book will be available from August 2023, by pre-ordering you will ensure that you get a copy, you will be able to pick up your order at Tictac, it will be possible to send it to you with postage costs depending on where you live.

If in your pre-order you have chosen an option with a photographic art print, we will contact you personally and offer you to choose your print choice from among 10 images from our series.

Thank you for helping us to make it more beautiful.
Irene & Arnaud

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34, Rue Emile Carpentier, Photography Book by Irene Occhiato and Arnaud Beelen

34, Rue Emile Carpentier, Photography Book by Irene Occhiato and Arnaud Beelen
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