Contact Improvisation Jam

Monthly Contact Improvisation Jam

Each first Sunday of the month a CI & Improvisation Jam is taking place in the big studio of Tictac Art Centre, mostly at 14:00-17:00.

Please, be on time at 14:00 we will do a circle to transmit all the information regarding the sanitarian measurements, answer your questions and listen to your needs. This is mandatory so everyone is on the same track, thanks a lot for your understanding.
If you can’t be on time, please wait before digging into the jam, someone will come to you and explain the rules, if you need more info you can send an email to Flor: florcampise(at)

Please, if you have any doubt around Covid, if you have a friend who gets positive tested, or you feel you have symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME !!!

A Jam is a place where we can practice and explore Contact Improvisation & Improvisation, which allows you to dance in duos, solos, in groups, but also to watch and witness the other participants dance. It’s open to all the practitioners of CI and/or improvisation, beginners are also welcome.

Please read the guideline for more information and feel free to talk to us if you have any questions about them.

The jam happens every 1st Sunday of the month from 14:00 – 17:00, (except that for November 2021 and February 2022 the jam will happen 17:00 – 20:00.)
At each jam, a warm-up is proposed at the beginning and a musician is invited.

This Monthly Jam is organised in collaboration with Stéphanie Auberville, Liesbeth Luisterburg, Meldy IJpelaar and Flor Campise.

Time: 14:00-17:00.
Contribution : 5 €

Jam !  Jam!  Jam !