Thursday’s Special
Guest Performances

Special guest artists will present a spontaneous performance on Thursdays at 20:00.


At this moment, this series of performances is suspended. The program of 2021, will be announced soon.


About the guest artists at Tictac:

Tictac Art Centre holds weekly workshops directed by talented world-renowned dance artists, who have come to Brussels to share and present their notable work. Almost all Thursdays these dance artists will present a glimpse of their work open to the general public. Some of these artists will present their work during the weekend within the Crude Saturdays.

Time: Doors open as soon as 19:00 but they close at 20:00 (BE ON TIME)!
Duration: 30 to 60 min (approx.)
Entry Fee : A 5€ donation is requested.

Note: All guest dance artists were selected and invited by David Zambrano himself. At this moment, TicTac does not receive applications for dance related residencies (to use the dance studio and direct a workshop research). However, visual and handcraft artists are welcome to contact us at to apply for using the gallery and/or the atelier’s space.

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