Tictac Art Gallery Online

This online gallery serves as an extension of the on-site Tictac Gallery. It features selected art pieces that were exhibited on-site, now available for purchase, including to international buyers. The collection includes works by David Zambrano as well as pieces by several guest artists. These works are still located on-site and can be easily picked up in person, although most of them can also be shipped overseas. Currently available at the gallery are pieces by David Zambrano, Berro Bogov, Samo and Rimon Guimarães.

Tictac Art Centre is the artistic home of David Zambrano, a dance artist renowned for his methodologies “Flying Low” and “Passing Through,” as well as his teaching and performances in dance improvisation and choreography. Throughout his global travels, he has amassed a collection of visual art and clothing design that suits his personal taste and needs, and he has also begun to create his own works. As an autodidact in visual art and an experienced dance artist and improviser, Zambrano quickly developed a distinctive signature in his art making. With self-discipline and intuitive creation in the present moment, he has amassed an extensive collection of artwork and clothing.

Tictac Art Centre is housed in a former print shop and features a large dance studio as well as a small on-site gallery space with a street-facing window and access to the courtyard. Occasionally, Zambrano uses the Tictac gallery space to create and display his visual artwork on paper, wood, or clothing. Over the years, Zambrano has invited several visual artists and designers he admires to participate in a residency, usually lasting two to three weeks, providing them with space and time to create new work and to exhibit alongside any existing works they have.

Tictac’s policy is to select one piece for its collection from each residency, while all other sales are directed entirely to the artist. Sales of Zambrano’s work primarily contribute to sustaining the Tictac Art Centre itself.


The gallery on-site has hosted residencies and exhibitions for the following visual artists and designers: Berro Bogov (Rusia), Rimon Guimarães (Brazil), Breno Caetano (Brazil), SAMO (Eslovenia), Rhapael (Belgium), Mary Gloria Pacheco Teppa (Venezuela), Marcel Vidal Castells (Spain), Arnaud Beelen (Belgium), Irene Ochiato (Italy), Florencia Martina (Chile), MariaBlaisse (Netherlands), Robert Flynt (USA), Javier Murugarren (Spain), Mindora (UK), Isobel Harvey (UK), Claire Fleury (Netherlands/USA), Celio Braga (Brazil), Issiama (Cameroun), Peter Jacquemyn (Belgium), Jorge Gonçalvez Romero (Austria, Venezuela), Eric Mora Cole “Amo y Señor” (Costa Rica), Matias Nazareno (Argentina), Povilas Bastys (Lithuania), Chevalier Masson Studio (Belgium), Mariadela Araujo (Venezuela), Irene Nerys (Italy), Luis Ramirez (Colombia), Eva Ibañez (Spain), Luisa Lara Malvacias (Venezuela/USA), Kasia Lewisnka (Poland) and David Zambrano (Venezuela/Belgium).