Dance of transformation

BUTOH LAB, dance of transformation

Moving with the invisible

Just as you can read the age of a tree from the rings in a tree trunk, you can ‘read’ a life in a human body. The body is a living and ever transforming sculpture, shaped by life itself. Butoh is a dance of transformation that originates from the friction between opponent forces. The Butoh dancer knows how to connect with this energy and to move with it – be moved by it. What evolves is authentic expression and original being.

The Butoh Lab offers a space to practice skills and share experiences, as well as to actively and collectively research what is butoh today and to explore its legacy out of its former historical context. Each lab will start with basic exercises (ex. standing in presence, walking, body awareness, breathing, tension-release, sculpture of time, conscious moving – being moved by, ….) that will then be explored through improvisations nourished by poetic stimuli. A sharing talk will end each session. The Lab is open to every-body and will be guided by different artists who share their butoh practice.

Tictac Art Centre, Small Studio

Every Tuesday evening from 10 January till 27 June 2023

18:30 – 21.00

10€ per Lab
There is a 10x fidelity card available for 70€

Information and Registration:
To participate no registration is needed.
You need to arrive in time, the doors of Tictac are open between 18:00 and 18:30.

Contact: butofamilia@gmail.com

Moving with the invisble