Just as you can read the age of a tree from the rings in a tree trunk, you can ‘read’ a life in a human body. The body is a living and ever transforming sculpture, shaped by life itself. Butoh is a dance of transformation that originates from the friction between opponent forces. The butoh dancer knows how to connect with this energy and to move with it – be moved by it. What evolves is authentic expression and original being.

The Butoh Lab offers a space to practice skills and share experiences, as well as to actively and collectively research what is butoh today and to explore its legacy out of its former historical context. The Lab is open to every-body regardless previous knowledge or experience with dance or butoh. We welcome all levels, gender, ages and body-types. The Lab is guided throughout the year by various artists who share their butoh or butoh-minded practice and place individual accents on the content of the Lab.
A lab usually starts with arriving in the space and exploring basic exercises (ex. standing in presence, walking, body awareness, breathing, tension-release, sculpture of time, conscious moving – being moved by, ….) that will then be deepened through improvisations nourished by poetic stimuli. We make time for a sharing circle or questions at the end of the session.

Tictac Art Centre, Small Studio

The following Tuesday evenings:
September 19, 26 + October 3, 10, 17: Rebecca Lenaerts is a performance artist with a background in theatre, strongly inspired by the practice and philosophy of Japanse Butoh Dance. Through five paintings from the canon of (Western) art history, she will (re)explore some principle ideas and basics of butoh.

October 24 and 31: Autumn pause (No Butoh Lab)

November 7, 14, 21, 28 + December 5: Camille Rasera has trained in text theater and in physical theater. Meeting Masaki Iwana and Moeno Wakamatsu has been of great influence to her and nourished her artistic practice profoundly. For the Butoh Lab she will start from the image of the necklace to question the instant/perle and time/thread relation. Through the image of the mirror she will explore the relationship between matter and consciousness.

December 12, 19, 26 + January 2: Winter pause (No Butoh Lab)

18:30 – 21.00

Free Price. Choose what you can pay with a minimum of 10€ per Lab. There is a 10x fidelity card available for a minimum of 100€. Cards are on name and valid until end of June. If your card is full we offer you a session for free.

Information and Registration:
To participate no registration is needed. You just need to arrive in time, the doors of Tictac are open between 18:00 and 18:30.

If you want to send us an email: butofamilia@gmail.com
You can subscribe for our mailing list to keep up to date: eepurl.com/iyBSDg

Find us on the Butoh Belgium Facebook page and on Instagram @buto_familia.

Moving with the invisble