Crude Saturdays – Open platform for performance

Crude Saturdays at Tictac Art Centre

Open platform for spontaneous performance.


On the first and third Saturday of each month (mostly), Tictac’s big studio gets transformed into an open stage, welcoming artists of the performance arts (dance, circus, music, theater, etc.) to show their work. The performance evening is approx 1 hour long.
We livestream every Crude Saturday through our Facebook page, so you can follow it online all around the world (18:00 Brussels time).

Anyone is welcome to participate as a spectator, and/or a performer.

Tictac main doors open at 17:00 for the general audience, and the performances start at 18:00.
The outside doors get locked when the performances start, so the audience has to be ON TIME. After the performances, Tictac stays open for approximately one more hour.
Take the opportunity to have a snack, a beer or a cafecito, talk and to mingle with the performing artists or to visit the current artist in residency in Tictac’s Gallery.
Keep in touch with Tictac’s social media or newsletter to know exactly which dates we have Crude Saturdays.

Do you want to perform?
Crude Saturdays is an open platform to work on real-time experiences, we welcome creativity in a raw and simple setting. There is no selection made. You only need to apply at with your name and the duration of the performance (15 minutes max). Performance spots usually fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate too long!

Guidelines & Material available:

  • Proposals can consist of a spontaneous performance, or a set piece.
  • Duration of the performance is from 2 to 15 minutes (please take care to perform the time you stipulated, as you share the evening with other performances and we like to keep the evening maximum one hour.).
  • Artists are welcome to arrive from 16:00 and have to come at the latest at 17:00.
  • The setting-up/dismantling of the scenography (if there is) should be done smoothly and promptly in order to keep the dynamic throughout the evening.
  • Tictac has a small mixing console and two high-quality speakers.
  • The lights used will be the main bulbs from Tictac big studio.
  • Live music performances with instruments are also welcome.

You are very welcome to surprise yourself, therefore us!

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