Crude Saturdays

Most Saturdays, TicTac’s studio hosts a performance evening from 18:00 to 20:00.


Want to perform?
You are welcome to apply at
with the following information: your name, a very brief description of your work, and the duration of the performance.

The work presented can be anything that a person wishes to express. Something the person is ready for, feels challenged by, and/or thinks is appropriate and inspiring.
Proposals can be improvised performances, pieces in the process or completely finished. (Every part of a work in progress can be a performance!) Durations welcome range from 3 to 20 minutes maximum.


Crude Saturdays is an open platform to work on real time experiences in order to present performances in a raw and simple setting.
Artists have to come one hour earlier for technical checks.
We provide a small mixing console and two high quality speakers.
Lights used will be the main bulbs from TicTac studio.
Performances with live music with instruments are welcome.

You are very welcome to surprise us and yourself!

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