Tictac’s 5th Anniversary Week

Tictac’s 5th Anniversary Week

From the 14th till 20th August 2023 we will celebrate our 5th Anniversary.
David Zambrano and Mat Voorter have curated a full week of performances, workshops, exhibitons, concerts, great food, drinks and more. Come to celebrate Tictac with us with what we most love: doing art, sharing art, and seeing art.

Performances: Every evening will have a performances program of about an hour, all invited by David Zambrano. Our friends and collaborators will be present. The line-up for every evening is a surprise, we will only announce it the day before, as we love surprises and being surprised. Just come every evening if you don’t want to miss anything.
We can already say that Carlos Casella has been invited with a concert, and Jennifer Monson will show the result of 2 week residency with some selected artists.

Workshops: From Monday to Friday Archie Burnett will share a voguing and waacking workshop, to start heating up the evenings. From Monday to Saturday David Zambrano will guide a warm-up Let’s Dance session, and from Monday to Wednesday a Flying Low class. Jolie Ngemi will share an Afrobeat workshop from Thursday to Saturday.

Exhibitions: The anniversary week will experience the release of Irene Occhiato and Arnaud Beelen’s photography book 34, Rue Émile Carpentier , a project with 2 years in the making, with more than 300 unseen photos of dance, art and more. It contains a collection of images taken on the spot during performances, workshops and daily life at the centre, and a mixture of portraits of dancers/performers staged with specific lighting in different spaces of the centre. During the week, all around the building you will be able to see some of these pictures exposed.
We will also have exhibitions of artwork by other artists to see.

Come and visit Tictac during this celebration week! It will be a lot of fun.

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