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Tictac Art Centre is a non-profit organization: all the income generated by our activities is used to cover running costs*, pay the rent (we do not own the building), and pay artists/teachers fees when they come to teach**.

The organization itself is functioning thanks to the help of a small group of volunteers.

How can you help?

You can support us by donating***. Your help will ensure that we can continue with this long term project.

Some debit cards might not be accepted, contact us at if you are having trouble to make the donation.

*Our budgetary report is on public-record and available on the Belgian State Gazette.
**David Zambrano and Mat Voorter do not receive any salary as directors/administrators of Tictac Art Centre.
***Tictac Art Centre is a nonprofit organization created under the Belgian laws (VZW/ASBL) registered as BE 0684.888.591 (entity number). Donations made to our organization are not tax-deductible (for income, gift, and estate taxes).

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