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Call for donations

Due to the current sanitary crisis, all our group activities are interrupted.
While we are considering structural alternatives in the short and long term, you can help to ensure the future of this artistic adventure by contributing with a donation.

Art during the times of Covid-19?

A big part of the artistic community depends on their real-time work to make the ends meet: no activities mean no income! This situation is a double penalty for alternative and non-subsidized art.

Tictac Art Centre -an independent project of 1,5 years old- is at serious risk! As a young initiative, we don’t benefit from any subsidy as we were in the process of getting public recognition…. At the present time, we don’t fulfill the requirements (years of existence) to get compensation for our cease of activities during the global home lockdown.

Our current situation

Tictac Art Centre is a non-profit organization: all the income generated by our activities is used to cover running costs*, pay the rent (we do not own the building), and pay artists/teachers fees when they come to teach**. The organization itself is functioning thanks to the help of a small group of volunteers. Moreover, Tictac Art Centre needs € 9 000-10 000 in a monthly basis to cover the most basic expenses. Unfortunately, we have to pay these costs even if there are no activities happening in our building.

How can you help?

You can contribute to our project by giving a donation***. Click in the buttom “donate” to make your contribution.
Some debit cards might not be accepted, contact us at if you are having trouble to make the donation.

So far, we have enjoyed every moment shared with all of you, we hope to be able to create more occasions. Today you can help to make this possible.

*Our budgetary report is on public-record and available on the Belgian State Gazette.
**David Zambrano and Mat Voorter do not receive any salary as directors/administrators of Tictac Art Centre. David Zambrano gets paid as a teacher when giving his own workshops, and he has been donating a substantial part of his income to Tictac Art Centre since its creation.
***Tictac Art Centre is a nonprofit organization created under the Belgian laws (VZW/ASBL) registered as BE 0684.888.591 (entity number). Donations made to our organization are not tax-deductible (for income, gift, and estate taxes).

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